I have found that there are a number of ways to bring people along on a journey. It is all about making content relevant, easy to consume, interesting, personal and appropriate. If you can find a balance of all of those attributes in your awareness communications programme you are half way there to changing behaviours. As a consultant I can help develop your vision, your strategy, your plan and even your content!


Familiarity breeds trust. I encourage custom content wherever time and budget permits. It also allows you to tailor the message to fit in with your company ethos and your security policies.

As  project professional l ensure that all dependencies between content and standard operating practices are considered.


Death by PowerPoint? Not something I would suggest if you want to inspire a 'pull' rather than 'push' culture of learning. A mix of video, infographics, activities, communications, e-learning is important. People are wired very differently to each other and you need to try and reach as many as possible for an awareness programme to be successful.


It is important that people have a choice of when and how they choose to view the content that's has been lovingly created. There is nothing more soul destroying than creating a great piece of content and it never being seen because it cannot be delivered on somebody's device of choice.


In order for people to fully engage it is important that the programme is owned by everybody. Encourage feedback, build champions networks, make the activities personal to people's lives, run competitions, create security forums, and more! Show your people that they matter and are a massive part of the company's security strategy.


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