Security Awareness & Cultural Change

I have a passion for human psychology and cyber (and photography) which means I probably should have been a social engineer! However, wanting to stay on the right side of the law was fairly high on my agenda so I decided that I could combine the two and help businesses protect their colleagues and their business information against typical cyber threat, particularly those threats aimed at people!

I have worked as a project manager for many years but around 5 years ago I began to immerse myself in cyber security and I began to realise that people get hacked much more than systems. I started to read countless books on social engineering, human psychology, learning and development techniques, marketing and communications. I setup a machine in my house with Kali Linux installed (the hackers kit of choice) and began to learn about some of the tools that cyber criminals use to exploit people. I also created a simulated phishing server which I went on to use with my clients, this was great fun!

Throughout this intensive period of learning and self development I realised that changing people's behaviour wasn't about mandating training courses, it was about providing an appropriate level of information, at the right time. It was about making people feel involved and empowering them to protect themselves, and also taking accountability for their own online security.

I now work with organisations of all shapes and sizes and together we build a long-term strategy to change the way colleagues think about cyber security whilst giving them the tools they need to make a difference.

Why not contact me to see how we can work together to make your human firewall as strong as it can be!

Thank you.



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